Gluten Free Ozaukee is an group of individuals living and/or working in Ozaukee County, Wisconsin, who share the challenges of living a gluten-free lifestyle, for health reasons. Avoiding gluten is not a choice, as in some kind of diet fad. Avoiding it is a necessity for us because, if we eat it, it makes us ill. And avoiding it is not easy, because gluten is frequently used in manufacturing processes — sprinkled on conveyer belts to eliminate sticking, as thickening agents in sauces.

Modern genetically mutated dwarf hybrid wheat – the ubiquitous variety that now constitutes more than 95% of all flours sold — has been found to have a proven appetite stimulant in it. As does the Milwaukee cardiologist, Dr. William Davis M.D., who did the research to uncover this fact, we wonder if it’s not deliberately being added to breads and candies simply to encourage eating more!  Wheat and gluten can be found as an inert ingredient in prescription and over-the-counter drugs. Some people are so sensitive they need to avoid skin contact with gluten, which is found in cosmetics and shampoos.

Please join us in sharing your experiences and knowledge about this substance that makes people ill, and how to best avoid it, for ourselves and our children.

–Laurel Kashinn
Founder, Webmaster


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